Vitrachem offers a vast array of specialty and intermediate chemicals for use in consumer markets or industrial applications



We offer a comprehensive list of tailor made solutions for our customers with our expertise in the field, ensuring every Vitrachem product sticks like no other. Our highly trained technicians understand the needs and requirements of every customer to deliver best in class service. Our innovative approach to adhesive technology leads us to create sustainable, efficient solutions for our industrial customers, consumers, and professional users.


- Water based Adhesives

- Yellow Glue




Vitrachem Textile Chemicals provides cutting edge solutions throughout the entire textile supply chain. Special chemicals formulated for pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles ensure your finished product are of high quality and value. Our product line up can be applied in a diverse field of textile applications including high fashion, home textiles and special technical textiles. Our functional effects provide features such as crease resistance to moisture management as well as repellence. Our team of specialists will be able to provide sustainable solutions, created specifically for each respective need of our customers, ensuring greater value from their products.



Vitrachem cleaning chemicals get dirty jobs done. From industrial hand cleaners, degreasers and other cleaning agents we aim to make your workplace a cleaner and more hygienic place to be.


- Degreasers

- VKLEEN Waterless Hand Wash





Vitrachem fire retardants are designed to keep you and your precious ones safe. Harmonising technology and innovative chemicals with stringent testing we continuously develop and improve our fire retardants to ensure any unfortunate events do not occur.


- VCHEM 303 FR LIQ (Wood Fire Retardant)





Product Description

VKLEEN is a waterless hand cleaner of the gel type for removal of dirt, oil, grease, etc. from the hands



Suitable for any type of industry, especially places with limited water access, such as mining industries, interior contracting, workshops. Highly effective for removal of animal, vegetable or mineral oil, grease, wet ink or paint, moulding powders and graphite powders



Apply a small quantity of VKLEEN to dry hands and forearms and massage in well, particularly areas where dirt accumulates e.g. nails. Remove with a cloth or warm or cold running water



Available in 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L, 20 L, and 200 L


VCHEM 303 FR LIQ (Wood Fire Retardant)

Product Description

VCHEM 303 FR LIQ is a fire and flame retardant penetrant designed for use in unpainted/unsealed wood and other cellulose type materials.


VCHEM 303 FR LIQ is a water-based fire and flame retardant with a mixture of inorganic salt compound additives. It is low odour, non toxic and non hazardous. It is a synergistic agent possessing both fire and flame retardant properties.

Protection Extent

VCHEM 303 FR LIQ will delay flame spread and prevent fire from propagating along the treated surface, which also inhibits smoke production, however it does not prevent fire damage to the substrate.


Different type of woods contribute to varying fire retardation performance due to its ability to absorb VCHEM 303 FR LIQ. Any flame spread ratings to be met must be determined by applicator.


Once the material has been treated it does not require to be treated again unless it is not sealed and is exposed to surface moisture or high humidity for an extended period.



VCHEM 303 FR LIQ may be applied by brush, roller, spray and submersion methods to unpainted/untreated wood/paper or other cellulose products. Applied substrate must be able to absorb the water based chemical to provide fire protection.



Available in 20 L Jerrycans

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